Corporate Background

As we return to time, the foundation of Sunshine was planted in 2004 when Sunshine Bakery & Ingredients Supply was setup by Ms. Loh and Mr. Wong (Machinery Engineer) to sell cake, bread and ingredients. 

After a year of operated Sunshine Bakery & Ingredients Supply, Sunshine directors identified there are huge demand for food machinery, thus, they started to supply food machinery to small/micro business owners and also home user. 

As the profit continue growth from selling food machinery enable them to expand to second shop in 2011 to sell food machinery and provide repairing and machine modification services. 

At the same year, Sunshine was ventured into beverage manufacturing business and established Gazzo Food Enterprise, it also the inventor of 3 Layer Green Tea Syrup. 

In 2012, Sunshine Marketing and W Sunshine Marketing were established for food machinery sales and services, these two firms also involving in import and export activities. 

Our premium quality Bubble Tea ingredients manufacturing process:

                                                                                       *Our business partner manufacturing facilities.

Organization Chart